The 3rd Legacy Parents Need to Leave Their Children

The 3rd Legacy Parents Need to Leave Their Children

Gifts that keep on giving…

Thank you for joining us to discover the 3rd most important legacy Bob
and Bea provided for their growing and developing children during the
years of their growth and development.

They demonstrated how to respectfully resolve, dissolve and manage conflict by communicating in a way that stretches and grows each spouse into being better a person.

This was the most challenging one for them.

Instead of not knowing how to deal effectively with unresolved arguments
and conflicts about inevitable and sometimes serious problems, Bob and
Bea demonstrated how to solve, dissolve or manage problems. It took time
and lots of practice, but well worth the time and energy to accomplish.

They both knew that mastering this mindset and skillset was crucial to their growth and development as adults and they were committed to being
successful in this area.

Their children were watching and learning

Developing this skill is important because unresolved conflict leads to
communication breakdown is the #1 killer of love and marriage
relationships. Communication breakdown leaves couples feeling hurt,
angry, frustrated, sad, and scared as you drift further apart with every new

Since you can’t solve a problem at the level of thinking and acting that it
was created, a new system of communicating is needed to replace the one
that doesn’t work.

Like Bea and Bob, as the primary role models for your children of any age,
leaving a legacy in these intangible areas along with the tangibles –
money – is as important and must be included in your legacy.


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Photo by Shawnee D on Unsplash